Massage Treatments

Massage is the perfect partnering of health and relaxation. Soothe benefitsofmassagesore muscles, relax body tension and calm the mind.

What to expect: All Massage services are provided by a LICENSED MASSAGE THERAPIST. Upon your first visit, you will be asked to complete a confidential medical form. Evaluation of the form and a brief discussion of your lifestyle will enable the therapist to customize your massage. During the treatment you will be draped in a professional manner, only exposing the area being worked on.
Benefits – Improves circulation and relieves stress. Increases supply of blood and nutrients to muscles and decreases lactic acid, reduces muscular tension and balances the nervous system.

Types of Massage Available –
Swedish, Circulatory, Sports, Deep Tissue, Reflexology.

Specialty Massage –
Stone Massage
Chakra Massage

Massage Cost
½ hour    $36    Deep Tissue    $45
1 hour    $65    Deep Tissue    $75
90 minutes $90    Deep Tissue    $105
2 hour $115    Deep Tissue    $135

Stone Massage-add to massage cost-$20
Chakra Massage-one hour $75
Stress Fix Massage-one hour $75
Spa Massage-one hour $75

Buy Massage or Facial Series
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